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  You are invited to read what our customer had said about the model below (McLaren F1 GTR) where we have built for him

Mr. Kytola from Finland -- I found Kane & co. as I was searching for a builder who could build properly the AutoBarn McLaren GTRs after one unsatisfying job from another builder. I had also seen few quite good once on eBay from other builders but still not to level I was satisfied. Then I found through MiniWerks forum and inventory some other models of Kane & co. and some days later two AutoBarn McLaren GTRs build by Kane & co. on eBay. After seeing those auctions I was sure that Kane & co. can do the job for me and build my models to at least such a level I’m happy with. I contacted then straight away Kane & co. with my special requests and got very soon satisfying answers to ship the first kit to be built.

Now I have been very impressed of the model building service of Kane & co. as all of my models have been custom works. None of them are built straight from the box and have needed some additional work and details. Martin has been very good at negotiating and communicating the possibilities of the built models as I have provided detailed guides on how I want my models to appear, as the kits and decals aren’t always perfect for their intended purpose and most of the kits aren’t even complete with correct decals and some of them need to be bought separately. The results of these projects have been absolutely superb, and it is always exciting to open the parcel to see the outcome of the latest project. The quality of the Kane models easily surpasses the current factory build models and is among the other top builders. The paint and assembly work are always top notch. Especially getting the interiors of these models to better match the real ones has been delightful. I’m very happy to work with Martin on my model projects and look forward for the next projects to work on.

Harrods #29 – Le Mans 1996 (practice version)

This was my first model built by Kane models. The model is based on AB kit with additional decals to replicate the real car as seen during the practice. Some of the decals with the kit were incorrect and some were missing so they were added from Renaissance set. This model really impressed me, and made sure I want to have more of these from Kane models.

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche, when designing the 350 intended to build a "fast compact car" above all. The Porsche 356 thus laid down the basic policy of the Porsche cars. The 356 was a 2+2 type sports car, designed by Ferry Porsche, the son of Dr. Porsche. It featured an engine and transmission adopted from the VW Beetle. The 356 was produced during 17 years, from 1948-1965, gradually evolving from the basic 356 to the 356A, 356B and 356C, with almost no modification in its body styling. With the advent of the Porsche 356, the world of lightweight sports cars saws a new kind of car. The 356 became a milestone in the world of automobiles, and has as a matter of fact in many different ways influenced the 911 that was introduced only much later.

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